I am a novelist, short story writer and (occasional) poet, mostly writing speculative fiction and thrillers.

I am represented by Harry Illingworth at DHH Literary.

I founded Edinburgh Genre Writers in 2014 and I’m a very enthusiastic member of Edinburgh SFF and Codex Writers.

Short stories

  • Carapace - soon to be published by Clarkesworld! This is a military SF short story about a combat mech becoming self-aware. More in this tweet thread. I’ll update when I have a publication date.
  • Vegvísir (Wayfinder) - published by Clarkesworld on December 1st 2021. This was my first professional short story sale. It’s a spooky science fiction piece about a surveyor getting lost in a sandstorm on Mars. Lots more about this story in this blog post.


I’m currently out on submission to publishers with a novel called The Burning Line, which is a near future thriller set in the aftermath of severe climate change. Here’s a quick summary:

Leo Mackay is sick of watching the world burn. He is a freelance covert agent, a stringer. In Istanbul, another stringer is dead - gunned down on a Beyoğlu backstreet after a cross-continental killing spree of his own. Mackay is told to secure the evidence, extract government handler Sally Forbes and get out before the city falls to the Burners, a nihilist cult who believe the world is ending.

But the mission is a trap. As fires appear on the horizon, Forbes and Mackay are caught up in a race to untangle a far-reaching conspiracy that may explain the unstoppable march of the Burners. Each must trust the other; Mackay numb, wary of caring again in a world that’s falling apart, Forbes trying to overcome her own shattered confidence.  If they fail, Istanbul will burn and shaky European alliances will fracture. With time running out, they must piece together the whole picture, even if it reveals that something is rotten in the Kingdom of England.

If you are an acquiring editor and you’d like to see this manuscript, please contact my agent Harry Illingworth at DHH Literary.

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