I’m an agented novelist, with my first novel coming out in September 2024 from Headline Books.

A Reluctant Spy - September 12th 2024

My cover!My cover!

A Reluctant Spy is a contemporary spy novel about a young man who agrees to lend his identity to SIS (aka MI6) in return for a helping hand through life, but gets far more than he bargained for.

For translation, film and tv rights enquiries, or to enquire about other book projects, please contact my agent Harry Illingworth at DHH Literary.

More about the book

Here’s the pitch:

Jamie Tulloch is a successful exec at a top tech company, a long way from the tough upbringing that drove him to rise so far and so quickly. But he has a secret…since the age of 23, he’s had a helping hand from the Legends Programme, a secret intelligence effort to prepare impenetrable backstories for undercover agents. Real people, living real lives, willing to hand over their identities for a few weeks in return for a helping hand with plum jobs, influence and access.

When his tap on the shoulder finally comes, it’s swiftly followed by the thud of a body. Arriving at a French airport ready to hand over his identity, Jamie finds his primary contact dead, the agent who’s supposed to step into his life AWOL and his options for escape non-existent.

Pitched into a deadly mission on hostile territory, Jamie must contend with a rogue Russian general, arms dealers, elite hackers, CIA tac-ops and the discovery of a brewing plan for war.

Dangerously out of his depth, he must convince his sceptical mission handler he can do the job of a trained field agent, while using his own life story as convincing cover. 

Can Jamie play himself well enough to avoid being killed — and to avert a lethal global conflict?

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