This is a now page, which briefly covers what I’m up to at the moment.

Last updated on Thursday 1st August 2019.

Currently reading

  • Nemesis Games by James SA Corey - Still working on this one. It will be interesting how this book gets interpreted in the TV series version.
  • The Book of the Bivvy by Ronald Turnbull.

Currently doing

  • Exercise-wise I’ve settled into evening exercise for the first time in many years, mainly as an experiment. It’s gone really well. I run faster in the evenings and going to the pool in the evenings is waaaay less hassle than trying to squeeze it into the mornings.
  • I’m working on my first serious novel edit - I’ve got a bit of a problem with turning out novel-length first drafts then never actually editing them, so this is my attempt to break that trend. I’ve just about finished my first read-through and markup and I’ll be embarking on the actual editing this weekend, hopefully.

Currently planning

  • Turns out I really enjoy contracting work. Learn more on my work page.

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