April 8, 2016

Switch confirmed

And here we are - I’ve made the switch over to Jekyll as the way that I’ll be updating my personal site. It’s a total dream to work with. I also took the opportunity to wipe all my longer and more substantial blog posts off Tumblr so now it’s just a graveyard of links and Youtube videos, as it should be.

I can’t emphasise enough how simple this is to use once you’ve got it configured, especially since I got started with a fork from the excellent Jekyll Now. I’m very new to actually using Github, but it’s possible to get started using that repository without a single command line interaction - you can do all your post editing and creation in Github’s editing interface.

Now that I’ve got it setup though, I’m really enjoying using a text editor and my very limited CLI skills to edit and upload posts. Once I’d figured out how to get Markdown formatted text out of Tumblr, it was only a couple of hours work to get my (small) archive of posts into shape and move them over. With the DNS switches all flipped over at Hover, you should now be seeing this site if you’ve tried to get to davidgoodman.net.

And did I mention I’m hosting it all for free with Github Pages?

All in all, a success. I can see myself fiddling with theming endlessly, but for now it’s just very nice not to be messing about with yet another CMS. Just a bunch of text files.

If you’ve got a personal blog that’s languished on some free service like Tumblr for years, you should give it a go.

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