A final case

We're down to the wire now. By the time I publish this, there will be less than 30 hours until the referendum. I await the result now with a sense of impending relief. The rhetoric has really ramped up over the last couple of weeks after an apparent reversal of… »

My first ever political campaign

I work with, and spend a great deal of time on, the internet. As such, I'm a classic 'slacktivist' - I write long blog posts, I tweet (sorry, if you followed me before the Yes campaign and I've flooded your timeline), I email people links (like the fantastic Wee Blue… »

What #PatronisingBTLady says about Scottish parochialism

By now, you've probably seen this ad, or at least one of the dozens of pisstakes doing the rounds: It's been roundly and rightly lampooned from across the world. The Italian media even took it task for being sexist. The Italians! But you might not have seen these ads, in… »

40 days to Yes

Today marks forty days and nights until the independence referendum in Scotland. Despite all the coverage, it still feels a little like it's snuck up on us all, although the tireless Yes campaigners I'm following on Twitter (and no doubt a few of the No folk too) are probably feeling… »

Planning for ten thousand years

How do you plan to communicate with people 10,000 years from now? It's a real problem for people building long-term nuclear storage facilities, as this fascinating episode of the 99% Invisible podcast discusses. The options discussed range from radioactivity-detecting colour changing cats to 'uncanny architecture' that create a sense… »

Automation and work

One of my favourite SF authors, Charlie Stross, has very successfully articulated a key challenge we face, not just in the UK, but as a species - in a world of automation and continuous shifting and optimisation to lower cost locations, where is the bottom, and what do we do… »