Planning for ten thousand years

How do you plan to communicate with people 10,000 years from now? It's a real problem for people building long-term nuclear storage facilities, as this fascinating episode of the 99% Invisible podcast discusses. The options discussed range from radioactivity-detecting colour changing cats to 'uncanny architecture' that create a sense… »

Automation and work

One of my favourite SF authors, Charlie Stross, has very successfully articulated a key challenge we face, not just in the UK, but as a species - in a world of automation and continuous shifting and optimisation to lower cost locations, where is the bottom, and what do we do… »

Six (more) reasons why I'm voting Yes

Posting my last blog post on the Yes campaign was interesting. I found that that it offered me the chance to overcome two things that I had been struggling with. The first was the ability to talk at length about why I'm going to vote Yes, rather than the rather… »

Five reasons I'm voting Yes in September

It's Reason Day, the date that the Yes Scotland National Collective campaign has nominated as a good day to explain some reasons why voting for independence is a great choice. So, I figure I'll chip in with not one, but five. First, a little context. I'm a middle class Edinburgh… »

Falling from the sky

This video from Felix Baumgartner's chest, leg and helmet cams, just released by GoPro, is insane. He was spinning hard a couple of minutes in.… »

Exobiology, just a job

Another fantastic Boulet webcomic, about how everything of great wonder becomes mundane. I think the antidote to this is to imagine, even a hundred years ago, gosh, even fifty - what would they have made of the things we consider mundane? Always a good excuse to link to one of… »