Digging up the dead

This is a heartbreaking but inspiring episode of Crossing Continents - it follows teams of volunteers in Russia who are trying to find the remains of the over 4 million Red Army soldiers who are still officially listed as Missing in Action. It's a tough listen, but it is worth… »


As a lazy Saturday afternoon task, I thought I would manually move over any old posts from my tumblr, which I posted on for about four years. Turns out in all that time I posted about three substantive posts. The rest of it was Youtube videos and links, half of… »

Jade Rabbit on the Moon

Wow. The Chinese just landed the first soft-landing on the moon in 37 years. We've smashed a few probes into the surface, but this one is a rover and it's rolling around on the surface as I type. Space Race Mark 2? That would be awesome.… »

All Tom Cruise, all the time

I'm not sure why every awesome looking SF film seems to require Tom Cruise in it, but this 'Groundhog Day by way of Starship Troopers crossed with Elysium' film he's doing with Emily Blunt looks pretty sweet. It's also directed by Doug Liman (the chap that did a bunch of… »

And on to hosted Ghost

It's been a couple of months since I got access to the self-hosted version of Ghost, the Kickstarter backed minimalist blogging platform. I spun up a Digital Ocean cloud droplet thingy and messed around in SSH for a bit, taking me back to the days of not really knowing what… »

Persian Fire - Quick Review

After listening to the excellent Ancient World Podcast, now sadly ended, I picked up one of the books mentioned by the host, Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West by Tom Holland, largely on the strength of recommendation. The host, Scott Chesworth, described it as… »