May 9, 2024

Daynote - Thu 9th May 2024

A slow-moving day so far.

Yesterday was a day of Very Good News, which was welcome after a lot of waiting and worrying. But the downside was being too keyed up to go to bed on time and hence me moving very slowly this morning. Still, got a bit of work done. It’s often tempting to write-off a day that’s not ideal. But even if I only get fifteen minutes of actual writing in (far, far short of my intended 90 minutes) that’s still 15 minutes I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I’ve also tweaked the template for these daynotes a little - made them full text on the homepage (since they’re short) and added a MUSIC section.

ON DECK: Continued work on PROJECT SHARD, dropping a wholly unnecessary 650 word scene that has somehow survived a dozen rounds of edits. Replaced the one thing that scene was doing with a single sentence in a subsequent scene. Satisfying.

UP NEXT: You guessed it, more SHARD edits. Slow progress this week.

MUSIC: I recently learned of the existence of BBC Radio 3’s Night Tracks - 90 minutes of extremely chill music, with a daily episode from Sunday to Thursday each week. That’s a lot of really good writing vibes. It’s not all classical either, tons of fascinating instruments, musicians and compositions. Highly recommended and easily available on the BBC Sounds app.

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