May 21, 2024

Daynote - Tue 21st May 2024

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Nearly clear on the covid tests this morning and a bit more energy. But boy I am still moving very slowly. And I’m getting very tired of this cough.

ON DECK: Finished the SHARD scene I started yesterday, edited another, for a grand total of 212 words. I sometimes find the low word counts while editing a bit demoralising, until I remember that positive word counts mean I’m adding words to a total word count I should really be reducing, so low = good in this context. Exciting phone call about audiobook stuff and emails about podcast interviews.

UP NEXT: More editing on SHARD. And possibly an outline later in the week. Wow I am ready to write a new book. When I get close to the end of an edit, I quite often start doing little bits of work in the evenings, just because I get sick of the sight of the book and want to be done with it. I am approaching that point.

MUSIC: Listening to a bit of Adam Holmes and the Embers this morning. Sometimes you just want a bit of homegrown singalong guitar pop.

READING: Still working on The Salt Oracle - I suspect I will finish it today or tomorrow.

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