May 24, 2024

Daynote - Fri 24th May 2024

Our cat Olaf having a napOur cat Olaf having a nap

Current vibe. Although a bit more damp - that shot was from before it rained for three straight days. Seems to have stopped now though, in time for the weekend. I am nearly back on my regular morning schedule, although still not up to a walk after writing time. Next week I think, after the three day bank holiday weekend we have coming up.

ON DECK: More SHARD this morning, one scene edited for a net gain of 29 words. I was about to start editing the next scene but it’s a monster and when I’m editing I kinda like to try and finish scenes in one session if I can. I’m now wondering if this long scene needs to be cut into two somehow (it’s 5.5k long, which feels too long, but I can’t currently see an elegant place to break it, or something to put in the middle). I’ll edit it and see if I can get it under 5k to up the pace a bit.

LISTENING: Latest episode of the Hypnagogue Podcast this morning, alternating with the magisterial annual State of the Hardware’ episode from the excellent Cortex podcast. It’s peak nerds talking about expensive stuff’ listening, but I’m an obsessive researcher who hates wasting money on mediocre purchases, so this is basically catnip for me. A lot of it is stuff I will never buy (I’m pretty staunchly anti-smart home, I do not want internet-connected lightbulbs and toothbrushes) but there’s great recommendations for a ton of stuff I am interested in, like office chairs, keyboards, travel gear and e-ink devices.

READING: Suuuuuper close to finishing Salt Oracle. It, uh, ramps up at the end.

UP NEXT: The weeeeeekend (I do not generally do writing work at the weekends, at the moment). Next week, I’m hoping to finish the second part of PROJECT SHARD and enter the final third. Which is where most of the heavy-lifting editing is going to be. Sigh.

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