June 12, 2024

Daynote - Wed 12th Jun 2024

‘A Reluctant Spy’, out three months today!‘A Reluctant Spy’, out three months today!

The calendar tells me today is the 12th of June which is a) wild and b) cool, because that means it is a mere THREE MONTHS until my novel comes out! What?! Somehow the linear progression of time has crept up on me once again. And now that the book is available on Netgalley, it feels like things are really about to get moving, marketing and promotion-wise.

ON DECK: Slow progress again today, knocking down two more scenes and cutting an aggregate -66 words. But it is coming together slowly. Oh, so slowly.

LISTENING: Working away to this Jazz Chill playlist while intermittently deafening myself with the drum track from the book trailer above, which I finished editing and posted this morning.

WATCHING: Quite enjoyed HIT MAN on Netflix the other night (though if you think about it too hard it’s kinda nihilist) and inhaled all three episodes of SECRETS & SPIES: A NUCLEAR GAME which was an excellent documentary.

READING: Sooooo close to the end of Hotel Orient. Should finish it on my lunch break today hopefully.

UP NEXT: Sooooooooo close to the end of SHARD. Maybe 15 scenes left to edit. And a lot of them are short. Let’s gooooooo.

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