June 14, 2024

Daynote - Fri 14th Jun 2024

A tweet from Claire WilsonA tweet from Claire Wilson

I was really nervous about my book going out into the world properly. But, let me tell you, these small spikes of validation from other writers and industry folk are extremely awesome to receive. A++ can recommend.

ON DECK: I ended up adding 78 words in edits today on SHARD. Four more scenes down. Doing a fiddly action scene where I’ve gender-swapped a character, so I couldn’t rely on his/her to differentiate characters. Took a bunch of finagling. But then I also got to re-read some terrifically menacing scenes I’d forgotten about and they were pretty good! This book is really coming together.

LISTENING: More Piano Chill this morning. It was a long editing session (didn’t fancy going for a walk in the rain) and I successfully got into a fugue state listening to extremely chill piano tracks.

READING: Finished Hotel Orient yesterday! Wow. The ending is wild. What a fantastic book. Then last night I got two chapters into Flesh and Blood by Nick Scaramanga. I meant to read one chapter, but it sucked me right in. I read this in first draft and this is a smooooooth rewrite. Extremely well done. Crime and thriller fans are going to eat this one up.

WATCHING: Caught the first episode of THE ACOLYTE last night. Pretty good I thought. I’m noticing Star Wars stuff with a single writer, like this and ANDOR, feels a lot more coherent than the stuff coming out of big writers rooms.

UP NEXT: I am so close to the end on SHARD. Extremely tempted to muscle through and do some early morning weekend writing. I try not to work on writing stuff at the weekends unless I have an imminent deadline (I’ve learned that the cost/benefit ratio is high, because I get burned out and spend way more time on it for a poorer result than if I only work during the week), but I would dearly love to finish this book and write something new, since I haven’t written a new short story or done any work on a draft novel project since last September. Which is way too long. So I might post a daynote over the weekend, if I give in to this temptation. We’ll see. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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