June 16, 2024

Daynote - Sun 16th Jun 2024

And that’s a wrap on PROJECT SHARD. It’s been sent off to the beta readers who said they wanted to read the revised version, but it’ll be off to my agent tomorrow. I am extremely relieved to have finished.

ON DECK: 408 new words in aggregate today, and I think about twelve scenes edited and two new ones drafted, as well as a really heavy rewrite of the last couple of scenes to account for a completely changed relationship dynamic. I quite often do this kind of push-to-the-finish when I’m really close to the end of a book like this, mostly because I just want to have it done. I got up pretty early today, but it still took longer than I thought it would.

LISTENING: I finished the Scavengers Reign soundtrack halfway through writing today and it just rolled into some weird, rolling mix of film and videogame soundtracks but it was honestly perfect? I don’t think it’s a playlist I can link to though, just the free association of the Apple Music algorithm.

WATCHING: Bit more of THE ACOLYTE last night. Still going pretty well? I like it.

READING: Still reading Flesh and Blood, while also critique reading a novella by the same author which got extremely messed up at the end of the chapter. He’s a chap with a range, is what I’m saying.

UP NEXT: Outlines! I’m working on some ideas and developing some existing book pitches next week. THEN, omg, something entirely new I hope.

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