July 3, 2024

Daynote - Wed 3rd Jul 2024

A reader review from NetGalleyA reader review from NetGalley

I’m getting some really lovely five star reviews of A Reluctant Spy starting to show up on early review sites like NetGalley. Here’s one! Getting blurbs from writers I admire is incredible, but knowing that someone I’ve never met has read my book and had a good time, well, that’s the good stuff right there.

ON DECK: Absolutely crawling through this outline. I figured out a key plot problem yesterday and made a little progress today but I am definitely not firing on all cylinders. And I’ve got enough admin and promo stuff to do that I could indefinitely distract myself if I wanted to. I think the lurking spectre of the election is also doing a number on my focus. But I will finish this draft this week.

LISTENING: Back to the Living In The Library playlist again today.

WATCHING: Watched more of THE BEAR (and an episode of LOWER DECKS afterwards to decompress) and both were fantastic.

READING: More MOSCOW X last night as well as a bit of THERE IS NO ANTI-MIMETICS DIVISION by qntm which, wow, that is an excellent piece of work. I’ll write more about that in July’s newsletter.

UP NEXT: Outline outline outline outline.

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