July 9, 2024

Daynote - Tue 9th Jul 2024

A blurb from Nick BingeA blurb from Nick Binge

I figured I’d start including some of the lovely blurbs I’ve been getting from fellow writers and reviewers in these posts. Because seeing them makes me grin every time.

ON DECK: The outline for PROJECT CITRUS, a proposed sequel to A Reluctant Spy is DONE. Hurrah. Sent it off to my editor and agent this morning. There’s also another completely different outline I wrote a couple of months ago that is also with them, which I’m calling PROJECT SCARLET. That’s not (currently) a Legends’ book, but it could be. So hopefully soon we’ll be having some conversations about which of these projects may have legs and be my next drafting project. I’m itching to start a new book.

LISTENING: Back to the Bicep Essentials playlist this morning, after finishing off yesterday’s episode of Hypnagogue Podcast.

WATCHING: More HOUSE OF THE DRAGON last night. Some pretty solid escalation. And a couple of very funny and heartwarming LOWER DECKS episodes.

READING: Absolutely racing through the second half of MOSCOW X. Again, wow, it escalates spectacularly.

UP NEXT: A new short tomorrow! Short stories normally take me 4-6 days of drafting (depending on length) so there’s a decent chance I might have something finished before the end of the week. I’m also beginning the ramp up to Harrogate Crime Festival, which is next week! Can’t believe how quickly that’s come around. Really looking forward to meeting lots of other DHH and Headline authors as well as a few of the people who have very kindly blurbed my book. It’s going to be awesome.

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