May 13, 2024

Daynote - Mon 13th May 2024

Another slow-moving day - staying up late to see the aurora kind of knocked me off schedule for the weekend, but got plenty done even though I was up late. No writing work, per se, but I decided to see what I could do with Canva and managed to knock up this reel on my phone.

It’s honestly kind of amazing how good tools like Canva are becoming - sensible defaults and lots of good templates as well as intuitive UI makes it incredibly easy to get good enough’ results. And with a bit of tweaking and playing around, you can do some really amazing things. Yes, it’s nowhere near as powerful as a build it from the ground up’ tool like Figma or Photoshop. But the learning curve is nowhere near as steep, which makes it perfect for beginners. Highly recommended.

ON DECK: Very slow start today (Mondays eh) but got a few hundred words on another new SHARD scene, in which someone tours a sewage plant, then receives some interesting news. It’s cooler than it sounds, I promise.

UP NEXT: Back to being a fully operational battlestation writer tomorrow and piling through the rest of the scene I have in draft, then the next one. Then a lot more editing. Holding at approximately 40% through the draft.

MUSIC: This morning I’ve been on the excellent (constantly updating) Bicep Essentials playlist on Apple Music. I love these playlists that change gradually, adding new music. And this one is a banger. Great editing music.

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