May 28, 2024

Daynote - Tue 28th May 2024

Back to work today after a long Bank Holiday weekend, which as tradition dictates was 90% rain. On the plus side, I ventured out to our local shops a couple of times and didn’t hack up a lung, so I think I’m about 95% recovered. And finally testing negative.

ON DECK: A decent morning of editing today, with an aggregate total of -220 words. Not a lot to lose out of a 5.5k scene and I didn’t spot any obvious break points where I could split it up a bit, but I think it will be okay. I might revisit it once I’ve finished the rest of the scene. Possible calls later today and I should probably update my whiteboards and todo list.

LISTENING: I wanted something quiet this morning, so it was the Apple Music Peaceful Focus playlist. It’s kind of audio wallpaper, but I do like a bit of lo-fi chill now and again.

READING: I finished Salt Oracle over the weekend and I’ve moved on to Murder At The Hotel Orient by Alessandra Ranelli, which is proving to be an absolute delight (as well as a fairly abrupt tone shift). Cracking murder mystery set in Vienna. I predict big things for this one.

UP NEXT: More SHARD edits, possibly an outline later in the week. It’s Cymera this coming weekend, so I’ll be also prepping for the workshop I’m delivering with m’friend and colleague Nick Binge. If you’ve ever wanted to join (or create!) a critique group, you should come along and check it out.

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