June 15, 2024

Daynote - Sat 15th Jun 2024

A rare weekend entry. But I’m so close to finishing SHARD.

ON DECK: Got up early (the cats help a lot with that, since they start punching me in the face demanding food about 5am in the summer) and worked for quite a while on SHARD. I’m approximately 20,000 words from the end, with three new (short) scenes to write and about fifteen existing scenes left to edit. Three hours work this morning resulting in a net -195 words cut. Would have been more, but I’m also adding stuff in to bolster a particular plot line as I go. I suspect I might actually do some more later, but for now we’re off to spend some time with family.

LISTENING: Vibing to the Scavengers Reign soundtrack this morning, which turns out to be excellent writing music, because it has all kinds of different moods and speeds. Can recommend.

WATCHING: Finally watched GODZILLA MINUS ONE last night. What an absolute delight. And a rare thing - a movie about a giant monster that isn’t just two hours of weirdly weightless CGI-building smashing. Highly recommended.

READING: A couple more chapters of Flesh and Blood last night. Escalating nicely.

UP NEXT: Maybe a bit more writing later today, and possibly a smidge tomorrow too. I want to be finished with this book, so bad.

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