June 25, 2024

Daynote - Tue 25th Jun 2024

A Very Good Morning today. The Very Exciting Thing that happened about two months back resolved into… uh, a real world outcome? A tangible output? I both love and hate vagueposting like this, but suffice to say I’m pretty happy and feeling like things are coming up Goodman.

Yesterday I also got a wonderful blurb from the bestselling crime writer M.W. Craven (author of the Washington Poe series), who was kind enough to read my book recently.

A Reluctant Spy hits the ground running and never lets up. Clever, witty and all too believable; it’s in the very top tier of espionage fiction”

Top tier! You heard it here first!

ON DECK: Another 375 words on the outline and some more reorganising. Getting there, slowly but surely.

LISTENING: Back to Bicep this morning.

WATCHING: Didn’t watch anything last night - it was gorgeous weather, so we sat in the garden and read books, which was lovely.

READING: Finished Flesh & Blood last night in a feverish rush. Absolute cracker of a book that I have zero doubt is going to get snapped up. The author is already published and agented and this is a new genre for him, but you honestly couldn’t tell - it’s a cracker.

UP NEXT: Got a bit of work travel coming up, so I’ll be alternating outlining on a potential book 2 with some last-minute proofreading on book 1 as we approach the print deadline. Nobody’s asked me to do this, but I quite like spotting things and I’m kind of enjoying re-reading my own book, after a break of several months? It’s cool. Like taking a little holiday inside your own brain.

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