June 26, 2024

Daynote - Wed 26th Jun 2024

A Reluctant Spy - Right place, right time, wrong manA Reluctant Spy - Right place, right time, wrong man

Not much going on this morning, as I’m off to London for my day job and needed to pack this morning, because I clean forgot last night.

ON DECK: Since my usual writing time was packing time, I’ll be working while I travel. A long train journey in the evening is an excellent time for a bit of proof reading and possibly just a smidge of outlining. Might even finish the outline! We’ll see.

LISTENING: Really enjoying this Living in the Library playlist on Apple Music. I’ve also been mainlining the archive of this amazing dramatised podcast called The Spy Who… with each season alternately hosted by Indira Varma and Raza Jaffrey. It’s a fantastic example of single-narrator dramatised audio and grabs me with every episode. Recommended.

WATCHING: We finally broke down and bought the last season of Star Trek: Lower Decks last night (the first three seasons were on Prime but they put the fourth one behind the Paramount paywall because fuck you that’s why). The whole series was on sale so we snapped it up. And it’s a delight. I stand by my assertion that Lower Decks is the closest we’ve had to a continuation of The Next Generation, but it’s also hilarious and surprisingly adult for both an animation and a Star Trek series. I can’t recommend it enough.

READING: Huzzah! I am finished with beta reads for the year (crit partners excepted) so I returned to David McCloskey’s Moscow X for the first time since I read the first seven chapters uh… last year? I think? I restarted it because honestly those first seven chapters were so much fun why wouldn’t I. A delight.

UP NEXT: Outlines on the train, proofing in a hotel somewhere in London, and hopefully writing something entirely new on the train on the way back!

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