July 4, 2024

Daynote - Thu 4th Jul 2024

Image from Element5 on PexelsImage from Element5 on Pexels

A beautiful morning here in Scotland and we got our votes in before breakfast. If you’re in the UK, please vote today. First past the post is a terrible way of picking representatives, but reductions in vote share and seat majorities do matter - they give politicians of other parties a clear picture of how precarious their positions are and constrain them from their worst instincts. So even if you think it will be a waste of time, please vote. Your voice matters.

ON DECK: Made some excellent progress on the outline today, 649 words and I’m extremely close to the final few scenes. Might even finish this thing this week as planned. We shall see tomorrow.

LISTENING: Mostly politics podcasts today, if I’m honest.

WATCHING: We finished Season 3 of THE BEAR last night. Excellent, even though the last episode was a little heavy on slightly awkward real life chefs not quite acting natural on camera. And had a very frustrating cliffhanger ending. But still, those last three episodes were by turns devastating, uplifting and riveting. Just fantastic telly.

READING: Still reading MOSCOW X and enjoying it, though boy howdy it’s got a lot of discussion of horses in it (a large portion of the plot takes place at a horse breeding ranch). But the mark of a good writer is that he can manage to make you interested in something you have absolutely zero real life interest in, for the duration of the novel.

UP NEXT: More outlining, hopefully finishing the draft tomorrow. Might even manage a polish pass to make it all properly ordered and make sense and sprinkle in some flashback scenes. We’ll see.

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